AEO offers paid summer internships in our Pittsburgh corporate office for students currently in their junior year, working towards a 4 year degree. As a supplement to your education, an internship at AEO offers you the opportunity to work in the fast paced retail environment with the potential of a full time offer before you even return to your senior year. Internships are available in Merchandising and Planning & Allocation. Also, furnished housing (including rent and utilities) is provided for students that do not currently live in the Pittsburgh area. The AEO Internship Program is where careers begin, and future leaders are discovered.

As a Merchandising Intern at AEO, you will be partnered with a Merchant in any of our three brands and spend 10 weeks learning what it takes to create, edit and produce the assortment that ends up in stores. Merchants at AEO act as the decision makers and project manage an assortment from initial concept, through design, onto production and ultimately into our customers shopping bags. This role requires not only a passion for retail and trend, but also a very strong analytical and business acumen. Merchants at AEO must have leadership characteristics to enable them to drive the business, collaborate cross-functionally, build and develop strategies and to ultimately sell their ideas to our top executive. If you love to identify trends in the market, you love to shop but have a passion for business; this is the role for you.

The Planning & Allocation Internship prepares you to be the financial leader on our product and assortment choices. In this internship you will spend time exploring all functions within P&A and learn how we make business decisions that allow the company to continue to grow and expand. The Planning piece of the internship teaches you how we create sales goals for product at a high level. In this role, you will work closely with your merchant team to determine product investment, promotions and delivery for every product and style in your assortment. As an Allocation Intern, you will work closely with your teams to monitor inventory levels in our stores and our distribution centers and send out the right amount of product to the right stores so our inventory levels are maximized for profitability. If you have a passion for retail, but numbers are your friend, this is the internship for you.


  • Students are eligible after they have completed their junior year at a 4 year college or university
  • Minimum overall GPA of 3.0 required
  • Strong business acumen through classes, internships or prior work experience
  • Proven leadership experiences during college
  • Passion for retail, knowledge of the AEO customer
  • Relentless passion for success and work ethic